" Mittelschule Nordwest" is a public middle school located in Torgau, a small nice city on the banks of the river Elbe. Torgau is a city in the east of Germany, in Saxony. Our state capital is Dresden. Torgau is a historical city. Martin Luther opened the first protestant church in the castle of Torgau, Napoleon Bonaparte declared Torgau a fortress and at the end of World War II, in April 1945, American and Russian soldiers shaked hands down by the banks of the river Elbe. Every year in April there is a big festival " Elbe Day" to celebrate the U.S.- Soviet linkup at the Elbe River. There are some wonderful sights in Torgau, the most beautiful and famous one is our castle- "Hartenfels Castle".
There are nearly no companies here in Torgau so a lot of young people leave our town to find jobs in other parts of Germany. That´s a big problem. We want our students to stay here in Torgau.
Being in the project is important for us because there are also environmental problems in our area- the pollution of the Elbe River and the Big Lake for example. Our students will have to learn that it is necessery to work on environmental issues. And, of course, our students and teachers, participating in the project, will be able to improve their English.